Instagram features

and how to get the best of them...

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You might have gathered from my feed but Instagram is my favourite social media platform. The community you build on Instagram is fantastic for building brand awareness and reaching your target audience.

Within Instagram there are various functions that can be used to tell your business story in different ways.

Reels are great for educational, relatable and entertaining content - don't worry doing a silly dance is not mandatory!

Carousels are perfect for storytelling educational and informative posts, currently you can have up to ten slides on a carousel but I've heard whispers that Meta are testing 20 slides - too much of a good thing?

Stories are fab for interactive, promos and behind the scenes, you can customise them with stickers, different fonts, add in other images, videos, captions - the list is endless!

Single images are best saved for memes, infographics and promos.

If you are stuck on how to make the best of Instagram features, book a power hour with me either online or in person if you are local to Chalfont St Peter.

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